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Thanks! I was looking for a spray paint after purchasing a standing picture frame to set up on my Hecate's altar. I really like the design of it with a silver frame. The glass is oval and it's not too large. I went on several stores to find a black spray to not only spray on the glass but to paint my wand and my human rib athame. Yes I legally purchased a human bone. I was recommended on the ultra cover 2x. And I began spraying outdoors when the sun was out. I liked the outcome of it. I could see my own reflection when starring at my black mirror. However, I wanted to cleanse it and keep it clean. So I used Florida water. And that's when I found out small scrapes on the glass

My frame does have a cardboard to support the glass. And it can hold my picture frame from falling down with a back holder. So it's standing on my altar right now. I was thinking of painting another coat on my black mirror and have it covered with a piece of cloth to prevent it from getting any dust or dirt. I will substitute Florida water with rubbing alcohol. And I will check out the non-gloss spray paint.

I believe my spray paint does have primer in it. It says on the label.

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