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I've never really gotten deep into anime, at least I mostly watched the standard shows like Dragon Ball, and Naruto..
I'm a bit mainstream with this topic..

I was a big Naruto fan (only sub, with the Japanese voices!!). The anime had so many filler episodes I started reading the manga in summer 2005 and until its end in 2014 I was treating myself with a new chapter every week. Good times! I remember all the speculation floating around in the 2000s about who would be the Akatsuki leader, how the series would end, etc. It was so exciting because we knew so little and had to wait a week for a new chapter..

The music of the anime was very good, I sometimes still listen to some tracks. There are some very emotional tracks as well as energetic tracks..

Also enjoyed Avatar, The Last Airbender. The last part (''book 3'') is very well written..
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