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Originally Posted by Sapphirez
thinking you should be doing. laughing you should not.

I think it's rather sad that the ones defending their meat eating refuse to examine evidence stacked against their faulty logic, and also think that cows being tortured their entire lives living pathetic excuses of existence and then often being hung upside down having their throats slit and frequently still being alive for hours while bleeding out the last millimeters of their excruciatingly horrendous "lives" has nothing to do with them, and is supportive of their root chakra.. really I think your root chakra would have a different idea. at least stop deluding yourselves and be real about it. This isn't a dream (well it's a nightmare of years for them obviously) these are real animals with real feelings, that can communicate with each other and humans and deserve love and compassion just like us. They, when allowed to have a life, have social, tender relationships, and romp around in fields and enjoy the Sun and the breeze and eating pretty green grass.. not the red bloodied dirty disgusting existence of sorrow and terror that you're trying to justify. They are innocent creatures. not substitutions for lazy indifference toward researching how to create a proper plentiful diet without the senseless cruel murdering of living animals.

If we respected the animals, their grazing could turn barren desert land into lush prairies. We could use their waste as our fertilizer and harvest the nutrients that way. When they die we can bury them in the ground where their bodies further enrich the soil and Earth. and lay their souls to rest instead of making them regret every second of their life from birth when their tails are usually cut off without anesthetic after being ripped away from their mothers and often never seeing them again, then to grow up with nobody and nothing except violent treatment, fear and pain. Stop lying to yourselves and to us. Educate yourselves, and get enlightened. That is what this forum is for I believe.

I'm going to suggest that you are making a lot of generalizations in this post, which creates inaccuracies. Not all animals are raised and treated as you propose. Nor are they all slaughtered as you presume. Some are, some aren't.
From where I stand it also comes across as a bit unfair & arrogant, as you accuse people of 'lying' and needing to be 'enlightened'. Boy o boy......I'm sure that's not what you intended - right?
I'm not perfect, but I do know a fair bit about this planet and all the creatures in it. I also know a bit about what I need.
I'll keep the status quo for myself, but I'll also extend graces to those who choose differently.
To answer the OP. Yes, some meat of the right types can be beneficial to a person and their chakras. The key is how the animal was raised, killed, and eaten. If done right it's spiritual. If done poorly, it can lower vibration.
The Christ reached the highest levels of spiritual development & he ate some meat here and there. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.
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