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It has become clear that we are off topic in this thread and that its time to stop the back and forth discussion on whom is right and whom is wrong on what they believe. From the spiritual view point we are "what we eat" and it does have effects on our spiritual body. Be that meat or veggie its all life that we consume and its all energy that we consume. Whom is to say that a plant does not have the same sensations as an animal when consumed we just assume no brain no logic thinking centre or emotions ext.

When we find that balance in what we take in it can have profound effects on how we feel. What one might try is in meditations asking on what the body feels from eating certain things. Connecting to that Higher Self and exploring what is needed. At times we get headaches that we dismiss as stress and it might well be from a slight allergic reaction to something we have taken in, or a rash ext .....when we learn to listen to our inner voice at times we move into a better state of health and in that we move into a better state of spiritual balance.


The effects of eating meat on human chakra
Can someone help me identify any adverse effects if any at all from eating meat on meditation and the human chakra?
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