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Originally Posted by shadedragon
With or without colors you can scale mountains :) I am just curious to see if rainbow and clear are the same aura type. I wish you luck on your ever expansion into the color field also, the rainbow thing has given me an idea, relating back to regular rainbows in certain lights, certain things cause them to appear, and without those things, one has clear so it's possible that all light is dually clear and rainbow, bringing out certain aspects of particular ones cause us to stay in one spot within aura things bc of the certain things we give off to cause them.. I have to think about this one :P

Sure thing all light are a whole rainbow clashed together and when reflected in a certain way it shows its inner rainbow It is not like my rainbow is solid, I will call it a clear rainbow. I am going to see if I can raise it a little more and then I will see if I can make a button where I can use my key to unlock what is hidden within Tartaros
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