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Well - as we know, everything we experience in this world (or our dreams) is quite literally a message from Spirit, LadyVirgo, so part of your dream seems plain to me - the Sidhe are confirming to you that you are now in theory and fact "graduated" away from the those who are still "learning" (or remembering?) to open their minds and accept spiritual truths. Even when "lost" as you were, you live by your truths, and are confident now to even reprove a learner who shows disrespect to the path he has actually chosen to follow (i.e. he's abusing himself, rather than the Sidhe who were the focus of his mocking.)

The Sidhe themselves accept the other ways of other lifeforms as part of the whole we all are i.e. though human beings "fish" in different ways, the Sidhe don't mock or judge them for that, and are willing to share what's available, with us.

I think, through your dream, they're also encouraging you to live with a similar attitude in this respect, while leaving you free to choose for yourself, as each of us must do.

As regards the "why now" bit - well, the time is obviously right as you've just graduated out of the school, and since nothing happens by accident, it's also at the time when we're approaching mid-summer, when the Faery/Sidhe kind are at their strongest influence in our world.

I'd take it all as their encouragement of you, as you "walk your talk" in our world.

Of course, it's only my take on your dream - I'm sure others here will have things to add, too.

By the way - are any of us keeping a camera (ideally digital) close at hand over the next few weeks? Faeries (often snapped as orbs, of course) are always around us, but a few shots in some natural location especially at this time of nearly mid-Summer may reap a wonderful crop of orb or faery-rich photos! It's fascinating to spot them.

Angel Blessing to All
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