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Dream about the Sidhe

I had a dream last night thatt I went with my school on a field trip to the beach. And I mean my whole school. Which is strange I did because I recently graduated. Anyhoo, somewhere I got lost and ended up on this island with these two adults. On the island was a huge mountain and the Sidhe lived on it. They were very kind with us and let us stay there with them since we were losst. Their main meaens of survival was the fish they caught. All of a sudden a huge ship came along with a huge fish net and caught a bunch of fish in it. I thought that was unusual since thatt's not how the Sidhe fished, and asked one of them about it. That Sidhe said it was the humans who found their island. Then a bunch of people from my school came along and basically disrespected them. I was taken back with my school and was very upset that my school would disrespect such a beautiful people. I remember scolding one realy ignorant guy about it. He's like well I don't care because they live the old way. So can anyone interpret this dream for me? Haha I haven't thought about the Sidhe in awhile so it was strange.
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