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It is concerning, but if she truly shows no signs of negativity after a while, you can rule out any concept of demon i've heard of. Demons can be manipulative and seemingly give you what you want, but they can't keep up that wall of positivity very long. Demons are damaged creatures that will expend a lot of effort keeping up that positive front. There's a diminishing return at some point.

Though it's possible to be the boiled frog, blissful in its ignorance of the escalating situation, clearly, if you're being truthful, this isn't you.

I have had the same issue with terms, like 'succubus', which can mean many things, mostly negative now, but as we've hears in this thread, possibly not all bad.

I wondered at one point if the beings i experience were succubus, they need attention it seemes, but it's not of a sexual nature. They're pure energy, nothing physical can touch me but myself, and saying that's harmful is akin to saying masterbation is harmful.

They never asked for that, just the opposite in fact, they asked for abstinence, but if they did, pft why not?

So who knows what you have really, curious though your motivation to use the term you're using, as it is as provocative as your description of activities.

I too suffered from depression when my guides showed up, but they helped me with love and kindness, and asked only to be by my side as i learn to be a better person and recover.

Good luck in any case, heed our warnings and don't let little things snowball, you can resist even if things go too far, Archangel Michael has helped me remove two negative entities in my life. There's always faith required in such things, but proof is in the results.
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