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Originally Posted by sea-dove
If you are having trouble cutting a cord and are fine in working with Arch Angels.. during meditation try asking Arch Angel Micheal to cut it with his divine sword.

(I've only ever once had that not succeed when I've called upon him for help with that, it was kind of funny where I could see his sword coming down hard hitting the link but it was then bouncing off. I guess I was being shown on that occasion that the cord wasn't supposed to be cut for some reason).
Really ??Maybe because you had to resolve some karma??I tried some cord cutting but just visualizing the person, her/his cord, cutting it and putting that in a light source, after i made vanish the person image, i fell asleep after this ritual but it seems that person want to contact with me (but no real efforts to contact me on fb, she talks from third parties). I should try the method with the Arch Angel Micheal , thank you .
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