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Totally random but this whole conversation about the veil reminds me of this video game dragon age origins i play. there is a place called the fade which is basically the dream world or astral and there are breaks in the veil and demons n stuff would come through it. not saying that's what is going to happen. it's just random and bared a significant similiarity to this so thought i'd share

I wantz it. :) T_T Why did my Xbox have to kill itself? (Red ring of death.)

First off all i'm not entirely convinced that the veil is natural, it could have been created to seperate us from our true selves, which i find interesting. Sangress the veil already has small holes and spots where it has been worn thin, so it can be damaged, so ergo it can be destroyed. The veil is falling at a steady pace, left to it's own devices it will fall on december 21st 2012. I'm just trying to get a peek at whats in store for the future so that i can prepare.

I never said it could not be damaged or worn thin. I just said it was pointless because it's not any kind of separating construct at all.

As long as you think it's separating you from something amazing and wonderful, then it will do just that because your perceptions will be blocked.

*Shrugs* I see there is no dissuading you. Shame you have to waste all that energy in the process.

(Energy that could go to a better me. ;p)