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I have no idea what the **** is going on here, but why on earth would you break whatever separates this plane from the astral plane?
It is balanced for a reason, and it sounds like something atrocious and horrible would happen, i would be interested in hearing those other theories you wrote of.

So you want to force endless amounts of your own energy in a rock, it seems you know the process, that would be consuming, if it's even possible.

I wouldn't disturb the balance, i'd just go there myself, congrats if you cause the end of the world or something weird lol. I just get a weird feeling from it all.

Sort of reminds me of this guy i used to know, got drug induced schizophrenia, from a pcp, he was so happy he was tripping out constantly, but then a few days passed and he shot himself in the head because he couldn't stand the fact he would always live in it, don't ask me how it reminds me of this, but i'm pretty sure the astral plane is separated for a reason.