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Originally Posted by Legrand
No more power at my home. So Iím writing from cell.

No need of time to find it. Simply observe from the same point of observation in a year where the sun sets. On a circle where you are the center, put a rock where it sets the most far away on one side at the beginning of winter and put another rock on that circle where it sets down the most far away on the other side, which marks the beginning of summer. When the sun sets in the middle of those two rocks you have the solstice.
But how would a person know that the amount of daylight and darkness were the same on a solstice without an accurate time piece?

He dipped the pen into the ink and then faltered for just a second. A tremor had gone through his bowels. To mark the paper was the decisive act. In small clumsy letters he wrote: ........... April 4th, 1984.
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