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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
So, how does that sound...?

I have been reading around in different threads and there seems to be a
a recurring 'issue'.
Hard to stop thoughts
Lack of success, whatever.

NOW, what if you tossed that entire word and at the beginning... you 'sat'.
That's all...comfortably sat, still, quietly for a certain amount of time?
And them, threw out all concepts of mindlessness, mindfulness, emptiness and samadhi?

So let's say for a month you sat in the darkness and stillness of being enjoy thought.

Thought about wondrous things...thinking 'a movie scene' for 30 minutes.$$ new baby...happiness in everything...confidence and freedom....

What does that mean? You have enjoyed yourself, changed your chemistry,
relaxed every system in your body...and MADE A NEW GROOVE in your brain...of Joy!

One month...then let's talk about this 'emptying'...and a
successful meditation...hahahha!


This is what I normally do Miss Hepburn,but you make a very good observation and it's quite correct, I have just started up meditation again, and that continual barrage of external and internal thought is hard to dismiss.
But,it is possible and this time around I have nil or zero expectation, the outcome to me is irrelevant, but the relaxation I get is a big benefit to me!
And,the vitality hit is a bonus.

Kind Regards Billy.
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