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God is not Cruel, in God's world, there is no meaning for cruelty, because there is perfection, peace and joy only.

He has a soft, almost silent voice, that's why it is easily overheard by those who think loudly.

But we have to play this pointless game of going up levels to unify with God, the source.

It is not God who placed you down. God placed you where you are Safe (and a part (the larger part) of you is still there), but when you fell asleep, you forgot who you are.
Thinking that you are somewhere else, you think that you are someone else as well. (That you are in a dream, you do not recognize as of yet. But the wake up call is heard everywhere.)

And it is your thinking, which creates (or, better said, make up) the reality that you see.

And you can be glad that it is only your thinking, and not God's, because if God would think it, it would be eternally true.

But God said: "I am the Alpha an Omega, every beginning Ends in/with me"

and so, even on earth: Every war ended in peace, every pain ended with healing, every sorrow passed away, and is replaced with joy.

But you know humans ? They do not know what they do.

You may ask: "Why does God not wake me up ?"

Well, imagine one day (maybe tomorrow), you wake up, and everything is gone. Your bed, Your belongings, your home/house, the country, the earth, the visible universe and even your body.

The first thing what would happen is, you would be afraid and curse God . And in the same moment, you would be smashed back into the body, and you would think of him as the devil itself. (wait, maybe this did happen ? think about it.)
And logically you would not want to wake up. And God never takes away, ever.

That's why God is waiting in patience, in eternity, because for him, you never slept.
God is Love, and therefore so am I. What is not of God, has no power to do anything. now with Desktop mates

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