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My deepest respect and gratitude Spirit Guide Sparrow.

A couple weeks ago you have answered some of my biggest question in that stage of my Spiritual Mindfulness. As you said, it was perhaps not the answer I `wanted to hear` However proud to say, these last weeks also been growing wiser and more in connection with my `true` selve.. However this is still a great Journey and an exciting one at that. I do have a deeper understanding of these things you talked about earlier and can understand the core meaning behind this. However it feels like just grasping the first pieces of the bigger picture.

I write you once again with a question that boggles my mind in relation to Souls and this Life.

Can understand and see the deep value for us coming into this human form and playing out this `game` of experiences and growth. One thing does puzzle me.. I work in the healthcare and also see another group of people. People who are severally handicapped from birth..

Don`t take this the wrong way: But what is the value for them? I am talking about people who from day 1 need someone to take care of them. Cannot express themselves or you don`t even see someone with the same intellect as say you or me. That`s an awful long journey for what seems like solitude for they do not share the same emotional experience as say you or me.

What about someone who was a very healthy and good person, then has a accident or illness and it takes away their memories-mind, changing their whole personality or even making them depended on a feeding tube.

Also things like Terrorist that kill a big group of innocent people.. Surely this was not part of their Life contract? (thinking about Paris, Africa for example where some children are forced to kill at young age)

Can you see where I am coming from and what can frustrate my faith into everything, surely there are more people who come across this in different forms or ways.

I hope you can answer my question with wisdom and it will help me grow further, thank you for your time.
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