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Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
Dear Floatsy,

I am always inclined to furnish further fertility of thought of those with open mind and heart.

Thank you ..

Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
To build self worth one must have a strong foundation upon which such worth can be real-ised. If the foundation of the self is built on counterfeit beliefs, doubts, fears and false truths then consciousness will be made real-ised as the experience of worth-less-ness. For that which you think, you also create.

For this strong foundation to be successful you must first dismantle the defective and destructive foundation you have thus far fed upon, feared upon, and failed upon. This means returning to your roots; the roots of your beliefs, doubts, fears and false truths. Identify where these constructs of thought and attitude first originated and understand the way in which they have formed your perception of yourself. Look for the thought behind the thought, and identify whether it is one of love, or it is one of fear. All founding thoughts from fear always, in all ways, disintegrate your capacity to behold your greatest experience of self worth and real-isation of who you truly are. So then you must unlearn that which you have been taught in error as erroneous truths about who and what you are, and only by doing this can a new foundation of self worth be experienced through greater self perception. This perception can only be realised through thoughts born from love; you must re-member the act of self love.

The mistake many human beings make in deciding their own self worth is to base this value from what other people are saying, doing and being. In this act you are setting yourself up to fail, to be worth-less, in your own eyes every time. You must go within and rely not on thought, but on feeling. Feelings are the language of the soul, and your soul knows all and sees all there is to see about you. Listen to your feelings, but do not mistake a thought for a feeling. Your thoughts will attempt to question that which you feel is true about you, and thusly fear is born and doubt suffocates all that which is worth anything. Go within and let your heart illuminate that which is true, and that which represents and embodies your greatest vision and experience of yourself. Do not adhere to a thought that tells you your self love and self worth is ever too great or glorious that it must simply be the product of ego and self importance. Once you have discovered new value within yourself never let that which takes place outside of you diminish this inner foundation.

Spirit Guide Sparrow, Namaste.
How do you know that I have failed upon my current platform? These days, it feels dark, very dark..worthless. Any light I once held feels lost and near extinction.

And yes, fear: I feel scared, I feel terrified :) of losing my livelihood and ability to support myself and my family. I feel suffocated, I gave up my "dream" a while ago, and now I cannot remember if the dream was even ever real, I have lost respect for myself, and all that matters to me now is to make a living so that I can live safely, something important to me.

I thank you wholeheartedly for your words and "advice" :) I thank you for your kindness in engaging with so many of us

I just tested it now, to look for the thought behind the thought, the origination - it hurts... :)

Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
And what be her symptoms? What is it that such voices speak?

Um..Last time it freaked us all out. There was a voice (multiple? one? herself? I don't know) talking through her, it would have a different way of talking, intonation, you would have to be sensitive to detect it. It didn't allow her to sleep for a week, we had to drug her...anyway..I took her everywhere I knew, monks, people who said they knew of these matters, prayers, a lot of things..
She took medication and she seemed cured.

Then, a couple of months ago, or less, she started talking again. A voice that comes through and talks through her - she says she is fine and it is a good thing. It tells her that she is an angel, that we will be rich, that it is an old boyfriend. She went through another episode where she didn't sleep, she kept having to do rituals. It is quieter now, that voice, but she says it is internalized now. I have no idea what is wrong with her, I have no idea...we tried everything last time, I do not know what is real anymore or if she is really OK, like she tells me..My Father is heartbroken by things she says to him. I am sad but I feel helpless. She is functional now but I don't know if she is sick or if we need to do anything.

Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
It is possible to choose heart every time. You do not necessarily have to be a master of stability or spirituality to differentiate what is heart. You simply have to ask yourself, is this coming from love, or is it coming from fear? If it is a thought, word or deed created from love, it is of the heart. If it is a thought, word or deed created from fear, it is of the mind. The heart does not know fear for it exists purely in the present; the mind creates fear within a thought for it is associated with a past event. Fear is something you have learnt in physical state as a result of a past event. If you choose to live purely in the present, the past cannot plague your thoughts and cloud your heart.

But Sparrow, if it were the heart, I would do insane things..with no chance of success and how would I pay my bills. Yes, I am scared and perhaps realistic?

Originally Posted by Spirit Guide Sparrow
Any advice I offer is always based on my own heart, if at all you wish to interpret my responses as advice.

How I know how things are for you is symmetry to how I know things about the rest of humanity and a great many other intelligent life forms on the planet. By listening and observing without needing a personal opinion, but allowing that which exists to reveal its own story, and then mirroring that projection back towards it in a way which appears as a different perspective. I am part of you, speaking to you from another perspective of you. I claim no authority to administer advice, but I am proficient in the art of observation and multiple accesses of perception. What another observes in you is not as important as what you observe in you, for the thoughts you have about yourself will create the circumstances through which another experiences who and what you are.


Thank you and salutations.
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