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Originally Posted by LillyBelle
Sparrow, on December 10th, I am supposed to be an angel for a Christmas party at a nursing home.
I was wondering if I could get permission/a blessing to be an angel for a day and maybe some guidance on how to properly behave like an angel.

Dear LillyBelle,

You do not need permission to be that which you already are.
The mistake you make is believing you are anything less and so having to seek permission to be more of yourself. Grant yourself that permission.

How to behave like one?
Simple. Think, speak and act out of unconditional love for all you encounter. There is no rule book how to be that which you truly are in your greatest expression of your divine spirit. Have fun and enjoy doing it.

Blessings of love within light from us all.

~~~Spirit Guide Sparrow~~~
From the wisdom of my council to the wisdom of yours

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