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Originally Posted by CuriousSnowflake
There's a few points I personally disagree with here, I've bolded each statement I wish to touch on.

1) I disagree with your cutoff at the animal kingdom. ALL of existence is alive: humans, animals, plants, rocks, stars, matter, energy, all of it. All of existence is one great pattern of vibrational energy, and all delineations are just the result of our limited senses and our assumptions.

2 and 3) The idea that we are supposed to "do" anything in life is based on thinking and assumptions tied into Time. Einstein showed that Time does not exist in and of itself, that instead it is inextricably intertwined with physical matter. But if our nature is non-physical (and thus non-linear), how can we be here to "do" anything in particular? All ideas of learning, training, evolution, earning, consequences, or any requirements are linear concepts, and thus are tied to our assumption that Time exists.

4) There are no "musts" once we drop our physical aspect. The experience that many near-death survivors report of the "life review" is merely a result of our transition from physical/linear/singular to nonphysical/atemporal/collective. It seems like a review because all our memories become a single cohesive whole once Time is removed. It seems like we experience how we made others feel because all separations into me/you are removed as well. Looked back upon by those who return to life, it does seem like a forced review. Looked at with the realization of how things would be with time, physicality, and individualness removed, it makes perfect sense.

5) Evil is a purely human concept, having no meaning outside of linear existence. There is an inherent nature to the Universe, which is Unity, and there are actions which deny Unity, and we do tend to label such actions "evil", this is all true. But this label of "evil" is part of a dichotomy with "good", both of which have no meaning without the other. No action is inherently good or evil (or anything for that matter), it is simply an action. The labels of good and evil are ones that humans create in order to organize their experiences into those they prefer and those they do not.

It is impressive that you were interested in these matters at the tender age of 12, but I would recommend, as you get older, that you remember the words of Buckminster Fuller...

"There is something I do not know, the knowing of which would change everything."


Good post CS.

BUCKY!!!! I haven't read that name in decades!!!
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