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Originally Posted by angelleem
“Thank you for loving me enough to set me free”


Yes, that's it exactly. What i already know, though find hard to let him go. It is selfish, not to put too much blame on myself. I shall put the effort in to think only of him with love, that is easy in his case. And stop wishing he were still here. There is no sense in that. His absence, physically speaking, is too noticeable to deny. Though i will remember to keep aware of his presence in my heart.

Thank you for the poem. I sincerely like it, and feel it fitting, and will likely come back to re-read it a few times at least, i'm sure.

Thank you angelleem . ~
What are the stars, but points in the body of God where we insert the healing needles of our terror and longing? - Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow
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