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Originally Posted by Nowayout
I'm on the edge it feels some days.

Like, look at it, this life in all its splendors.

Are we all nuts?

I have been blessed, it could have gone so many other ways.

I'm doing OK, but things are getting strange...

Globally, I'm very worried.

Is it all just about me?

My heart breaks, the evening news.

Looking positive, taking a deep breath...

What are we giving birth too..

It's going to take more than love...

My personal belief in why the world is getting the way it is and things are escalating so bad is because there are more and more people that are waking up and the level of consciousness is causing our planet as a whole to rise up into a different higher vibration. I feel the battle of evil and good strongly going on behind the news casts as if they (evil) are fighting to hang on for their very existance because the higher the planets vibration the more they can not hang on or exist in that vibration. So to create the chaos and negativity is what the evil hopes will counter the planets ascension by feeding off the grief and angst of the people. The more chaos the better in the eyes of these evil stop the ascension process so they can survive. If the planet elevates to a certain level I believe these negative attatchments that people have on them will not be able to sustain their existance. Not quite sure if they will disintegrate, explode in a puff of smoke, or in a lighter analogy perhaps they will melt off people like the wicked witch in the wizard of oz when the bucket of water was thrown on her. But either way my gut tells me the chaos has ramped up to where it is because it truly is a spiritual war zone and the evil is trying to hang on for it's very existance because the scales are tipping now away from them in favor of the good. Yes we are on a path and they know this. More people are awake than we realize and the planet is elevating now.
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