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The body and mind are a mechanism that allows us to interact with the world, in constant communication and reaction. Experience including physical stress and emotional injury tend to be stored in the body's cells. Therefore it is necessary to have a healthy diet and relax the body. On one hand, we take a good diet in order to cleanse the body. If we feed our body with inappropriate diet and drugs, our body loses its sensitivity and cannot sense anything. Once our body is sensitive, the body can help the mind to perceive things. On the other hand, we practice to relax our body. When we relax our body, our mind follows. We have to listen to our body, and knows what the body needs. We don't listen to our brain and thoughts, because the brain and ration create a gap between the body and the mind. Many people don't get any progress in the spiritual work because people try to think to get wisdom. We actually have to do and practice, not just to think. We have to observe with senses, not with the brain. Consequently, our body is sensitive enough to perceive. The body and mind are dynamically interrelated, and they should go hand in hand with the spiritual work.
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