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I'm an Aries, I have always hated my first name, and have usually used my last name to identify myself. Maybe it's a star-sign thing lol.

Esoteric understanding speaks of the ego body -- the essential self and human aspect -- as only fully-integrating around the age of 21 (astral body around age 14; etheric body at 7). My early 20s were the absolute worst time of my life. I was completely lost and alone, with no home, no life direction.

I have often thought this is why (arrival of the ego body). I was no longer who I was before, in my younger years. I was an adult now, completely and solely responsible for myself. in a cold, heartless world. It's scary. It's a rebirth really. One has to learn things all over again; learn a whole new way of relating to and getting by in the world.

Relationship and other advice: Don't look outside for someone. Look inwards and find yourself. Learn who you are. Others are natually attracted to people who have inner strength and clarity; who are self-assured and who know themselves. Or as the saying goes, you cannot love others until you first learn to love yourself. Your purpose for being here becomes clearer, as you become clearer about who you are. This isn't about some sudden spiritual epiphany, it's about an ongoing life-long inner self-examination process.
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