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Originally Posted by Sarian
My mind would implode having to do this all the time.

No, UncleManifestor, it wasn't Brad Yates. It was years ago, it might have been Xan who posted about it and I researched from that point on. I tried faithfully yet unsuccessfully, to do it for a month but honestly, the constant tapping and affirmations were driving me nuts. Especially the tapping. I can handle the affirmations but not the tapping. But I've come a long way on my own without doing the EFT, so it's all good but I can't truly understand how doing something so annoying and repetitive can help?

If you were to have done it, daily, for a month, I can see how that could be annoying. Because you would be making it a routine, and forcing yourself to do it. So there would understandably be some annoyance to it. I think the beauty that is said to be EFT, is that you don't or won't need to do it all the time. It's supposed to be effective at getting to the core issue that is at hand, and clearing it up. Fast. With maybe only a handful of return attempts with it to clear up residual lingering things.

The only thing with EFT is that you have to really know what you are working with, so you can get it all. A fear or phobia may seem straight forward at first glance, but truthfully there is a lot going on during an episode that one needs to work on all of it, to help get the best result from using EFT... Or so they say. I have used it a few times, and it has helped cut down on an anxiety attack that was happening, I have not used it to completely get rid of something. Not yet anyways.
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