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Originally Posted by Honza
In the West it is explained as a 'fall from grace'. What is it in the East?

I might point out all Westerners do not hold to this belief. The last poll taken was in 2015 that said 75% of Americans adhere to the Christian religion. I would suggest that small towns are more Christian than larger metropolitan cities. Think rural and raised in the 'church' with little outside influence to compare with. And I would further suggest that those percentages have dropped more than it was in 2015.

I think Americans have gotten tired of being told the same jargon for centuries. We are tired of being judged, sentenced, and convicted to go to hell if we step one tiny toe over the line. So we decided to do our own research outside the sanction of the Christian religion and read material that, if anything, goes against the teachings of the Christian religion.

And low and behold, we found truths. We found that our God is a loving Creator who accepts us unconditionally. And that if we fail miserably that we just pick ourselves up and try again. No harm done. It's all a learning experience anyway. We learned that life isn't black and white but rather contains many shades of gray in between.

That's a far cry from the vengeful and spiteful god of the Christian religion. Who destroys entire civilizations and dams those to hell for the least infraction.

It's all really just common sense. As above so below. What is the one thing any and all of us want: to be loved unconditionally. But the god of the Christian religion does not do that. He judges and sentences his followers to hell for eternal torture. What?

It's a matter of individually educating ourselves as to our own truths. If some want to believe in a vengeful god, so be it. As for me, I will hold dear the Creator that I have found that is full of loving kindness and only wants me to succeed in my lessons I came here to learn.

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