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Originally Posted by wozniack
However, while studying this topic, I found that some believe you can be alive in one universe and dead in another. If that's the case, wouldn't we have many physical bodies disseminated across these universes? And since each body has a spirit, when we cross over, is our energy bound to the universe in which it inhabited? Or can our energy shift from countless universes even though we're still alive in others? If we shift to a universe where we are still living, does that make us simply a doppelganger?
Most souls are not limited in the way you assume, they outside time and can incarnate in to multiple bodies 'at the same time'.

There are 7 versions of the multiverse concept. In the most common interpretation, those 'other' versions of you ARE a single you. Its all the ways 'you' could turn out. One is not distinct from the other.

And yes, jumping timelines is possible. Pick wisely as you might be worse off or non-existent in that other timeline.
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