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Unconditioned stillness or humble stillness?

So, as much as we are able, we still our thoughts & our body
Having previously cleansed egoistic fears & desires shoddy
Plunged into meditation thus constituted we are yet graced
By the exalted, ineffable divine love embrace

Yet, how still is our stillness in terms of its pristinity?
Does it not contain some memory linked egoistic vanity?
If not, why at each moment in time are we not surprised?
To what measure then do we truly allow the Universe to be our guide?

If the stillness we engage in be coloured by past perception
Our cup not empty, the limited stillness becomes a deception
Although we yet receive the divine grace since love judges us not
Conditioned stillness may perhaps leave us feeling a bit short

As in any experience, in meditation too we anticipate its trajectory
Inevitable, since we recall the past experience through imagery
What enables, also disables, constrains
Boon becomes bane

It appears then that abandoning pursuit of unconditioning, we choose humility
While knowing that we know, the humble know that they know not the entirety
And totally surrender
Beholding unfolding within stillness in childlike wonder


End of contemplation for this moment
Until we are presented with a truth more potent
Until then engaged in staid stillness
We be to become in a continuum of be-ness

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