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Originally Posted by SkyGodWarrior
What I am getting at is that I believe this world is on the right path. Till next time. Salagoya :)

I'm not convinced of that conclusion/assessment.

7 billion people and rising hungry for more and more energy resources.

Humans are doing more with less, however, the balance between doing-more with less and increasing resource hungry humanity offers us no gurrantees that humanity is going to survive, another 100, 500, 100 years.

Humans did have made some positive steps, to avoid immediate, impending nuclear apocalypse, yet, there still exist enough nuclear/hydrogen weapons to destroy humanity and further irradiate the Earth beyond normal background levels.

All other detrimental sceanarios are not as quick to kill off humanity, yet, they cannot be dismissed. Sure we may find ways to fix all potential humanity killers, but we may not.

No gurrantees come with humanities existence. No warranties. Only cause and effect, eternally. imho

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