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I have heard the same do not go into the Light, we were discussing that very topic New Year's Eve in fact with friends. She so did not want to go into the Light as she said it makes you come back.

I am not sure how I feel about the "Tunnel of Light" as I have had a Near Death Experience and there was not a tunnel, more just a very calm and peaceful well lit place I was in for my experience.

I have been with many when they make their passing, as a Medium I am at times there to ease the journey and show the family left behind there is someone to meet their loved one cross over.

If I am working with someone struggling to cross over I will open a door for them to choose to enter into, I never force this event we have free will to make our choices even in passing. What I find it opens to is much like here a place that is brightly lit like a nice Sunny Day.

Life continues on that energy level without the confines of the psychical body and physical plane. While it is not openly discussed by those passed, I have at times like other Medium's been given brief insights into it. There are no walls or confines, we are energy so we are free to be with whom we want to be with, free to reconnect with those we never did in the Earth life. Its all a oneness there, there is no time there but there are things you go forth to do and experience like here.

To me there is no Heaven and Hell its just the journey home. Whatever home means to us. We might never re connect or feel that loved on touch this plane again with us. I know that my Dad has been around my children but I have never had that experience of contact.

There are times when I am doing a reading for someone and whom they seek does not come in but someone else does. We do not control contacts.

Too many times how a message comes in is missed as we are not expecting a sign that can be quite saddle at times we want that contact that is more in the human experience of communications.

We can get a message with the smell of a familiar fragrance, or even lotion or medical smell present. This comes in fast and goes out fast. It can be a song that plays that takes you to a memory, this is often that background elevator music in places like a Mall. We can find feather's, coins, or other items that brings us a message. For coins at times its the date on them that ties to the year of a passing. With feathers they will come from seemingly no where.

Other signs can come in dreams that do not seem to make much sense to us but there is a message in them. We hear a slight whisper, or the phone rings and no one is there, the door bell too at times will be a sign no one is at the door.

There are so many things in our busy life we miss as signs. It takes a huge amount of energy to connect with the living and to hold that connection, I know that all too well. So at times it a wonder we ever get contacts.

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