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Feedback for tealily

I am not sure if these are exactly the lessons I learned, It somewhat relates where I am at currently but not what I learned from this. It was an epic pull push, attraction repulsion. That was part of the problem , none of us wanted to be vulnerable despite the strength of connection. Peace has come to this, after there was vulnerability from both sides and lack of resistance. It's more about me knowing what I want and keeping emotions aside to think more objectively despite the intensity and promise of this. Having a more grounded perspective. It does relate in the sense that I know how intense a partnership is might not always mean it's the right one, so yes knowing when not to invest time to a relationship if it isn't needed. Thank you for the reading,

Reading for tealily

Q: Will I enter a love relationship with P (from work) within the next 12 months?

Knight of chalices reversed, Two of wands reversed, Knight of wands reversed

It does feel a bit mute. In the sense that the person will not be without interest and perhaps there will be eagerness but more like silent eagerness/ a presence that will be felt, rather than said or acted upon. It feels there might be back and forth with this strong change of mental energy, but the emotional side of this is vague, a bit lame not knowing what to do out of the shift. I feel one moment there will be interest and another moment a withdrawal/ escape just as strong. There does not feel passion, but a presence, strong presence of interest , so it will be made felt rather than said aloud in action or words.
Regardless it will be like venturing into a pleasant territory where you might have to give him impressions to keep peace, like you are cautious even when you don't feel so. So as not to take him by surprise too soon. It does not look bad, and is possible, but I don't feel passion from it this year.

I hope this helps and relates ~ blessings

Next reading for angelic star

What is likely to be the outcome of my conversations with F ?

4 of wands, the sun

I feel like there is more of the nurturing feeling to it. Allowance for development and growth. giving nature , and seeking guidance counsel from one to another.
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