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Originally Posted by Soulfly
How can we explain all the contradictions in NDEs?
I don't mind if people meet Buddha, Jesus or Mohammed etc. I understand that a person can have the experience according to their culture, whatever is comfortable from them.
The problem is the messages and teachings these beings give are completely contradictory in different NDEs. Well all the shorter experiences, which only contain the basic core elements of being out of body, seeing a tunnel and getting a message of love seem to be consistent, but when we look at the longer experiences, then they all contradict each other.

For instance some are told that reincarnation is true and some are told reincarnation is not true and does not happen. Just one example of many.
As a Christian I used to think that perhaps many of these are false spirits or some hallucinations, but I have read how even all the distinctly Christian NDEs contradict each other with their messages. So even all the NDEs within the same religious context contradict each other.

Any thoughts?
It is a challenging topic for sure. In my humble opinion we all have within us a portion of divinity. The same intelligence that created a snowflake had a hand (or complete hand) in creating us. I believe that as divinity is infinite there are therefore infinite possible experiences. If you believe in Jesus you may experience that. If you can THINK it and you believe in Extra terrestrials, then perhaps you will see that as well. The only limitation on what you will experience is the innate limitations that you place on your own perception. If you are a being trying to do something positive (even if it results in something negative) I feel your INTENT is what will be examined. I also feel there are infinite levels of "service" if you wish to call it that. And I believe you will experience every conceivable experience whether it takes 1 lifetime or 10,000. Perhaps the entire POINT of being incarnate on this plane in Earth is for experience and expanding consciousness and playing the game of FORGETTING that we are all divine and enlightened beings on unique paths, all being drawn closer and closer to the creative force. After all what is the point of coming to this planet? Well, if in our true home perfection and a knowingness of true Creation is the everyday NORM, then of course it would be interesting to "pretend" that we are NOT perfect and try and find our ways back to the universal mind and connectedness that is our true nature on the earth level. In fact if you can and do see that we actually are all PERFECT Beings (see behind the EGO) and look into the SOULS of one another then it will become apparent that this experience is one for GROWTH.
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