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I am a Reflexologist but I did not do that particular course.. Mine was ITEC.. I initally also took the Reflexology Associations course.. But found it lacking in A&P.

The problem is as with all Complementary Therapies, that there are some many people qualified that it is almost impossible to make any kind of living from it.. When you start the course be aware they want maybe 150 case studies of practical treatments documented and signed off...This is all at your own expense and you will have to travel and carry a large amount of equipment.. You have to do these gratis...
They will talk to you about 'Therapy swops'.. This is also not very practical... I paid out a lot of money for equipment and courses and exams and registration not to mention insurance.. Business cards and uniform etc

It is unlikely you will recoup the expenses..Sorry to be a bit of a damper on the subject, but you do need to know the reality..
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