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I experience 'negative' synchronicities quite often, and they had me concerned initially too, but I truly believe they're healing synchronicities; signs to basically let go of whatever it is you are seeing.

Sometimes they're so deep rooted in our subconscious, we aren't actually aware they're a fear. But, when you're experiencing these negative (or healing) synchronicities, it is time to ask yourself some questions, IMO.

Are you consciously or to your knowledge, subconsciously, fearful of having an accident on this bike?

I'm not talking about sat there shaking all day long thinking this thought, but does it just sit with you somewhere? Or do you get momentary thoughts throughout the day?

I'd explore, personally. I'm only speaking from my experience, but the signs are always linked to fears or thoughts I have consciously or subconsciously.

Enjoy the bike!
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