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Energy is the foundation upon which all of the manifest existence is built upon, which means that technology along with any other aspect of the human experience can act as a conduit for energetic transference, manipulation, and distortion. People themselves generate energetic fields of varying sizes and configurations, and these parameters along with the degree to which any given individual has attuned themselves to their energy body will dictate the manner in which their energy will influence the energy fields of others. Those with larger fields and greater awareness generally set the precedent for collective fields like the one here or on any other online venue, meaning that the underlying tone of conversations and the scope of subjects capable of being explored is effectively predetermined for those operating under the influence of the collective field.

As far as utilizing energy fields for the purposes of manipulating the outcome of events or influencing the perceptions of others goes, one can observe the interplay of their own field with the fields of others or that of the collective, but as soon as one chooses to intentionally manipulate those fields then they are choosing to use the illusion of separation as a means to conduct that which is inherently transcendent of separation. A decision such as this will always have consequences simply because on the most fundamental level disrupting the free will of others is no different than relinquishing one's own.

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