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Shivani Devi,

you wrote
Now, I realise that I am not interacting with you and I also realise you had asked me not to reply to your posts and threads anymore...however, when it comes to the correct translations of Hindu holy books from the original Sanskrit, that does not apply. LOL

Shivani Devi, you must remember in the section SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT under the thread titled IDENTIFYING 'MARKS' OF A SELF-REALIZED PERSON you claimed in post #28
Originally Posted by Shivana Devi
"I just need to learn how to tell skeptical people whom I do not wish to communicate with because of irreconcilable differences in experience, understanding, lifestyle, cognition etc to "sod off and go to hell" nicely, without losing my "spiritual composure"."

In post #31 you made it clear which people can respond to your postings. You wrote
Originally Posted by Shivana Devi
"A few on here are like that....I feel like I can relax and be myself around such people like your kind self, Jyotir, Still Waters, Jonesboy, NoOne and sometimes Unseeking Seeker...everyone else on here is basically "forget it!" as far as I am concerned personally...there is like a "great divide" that exists between "group A" and "group B" and I don't know why.

All I know is that there are some people who never agree with me, I never agree with them either, but instead of ignoring me which I desperately WANT to happen, they follow me around, openly saying "OBJECTION!" each and every time I express an opinion."

In post #28 you apologized to iamthat for not including his name.

I posted the following in #39
Originally Posted by BigJohn
In another thread, you mentioned you have about 1/2 of the people on this forum on your ignore list and the rest probably have you on their ignore list.

I started this thread.

If you have issues with a lot us, why insult us with your animosity toward us?

Why not go to another thread were you are welcome?

In post #41 I wrote
Originally Posted by BigJohn
Why in other threads you have complained that people do not respond to your postings?

Could it be you do not want us to reply to your postings?

As you have indicated, you seem to only want a few people to respond to your posts.
Why not mention that list of names at the beginning or ending of your posts?

Or you could do as what one member has done in the past and that is announce publicly he was putting another person on his ignore list.

Being this thread has been hijacked,
lets get back on topic.

In post #43 you replied
Originally Posted by Divana Devi
Yes, I can see you started this is "your party"...."your show" and you don't like it when your limelight gets stolen, do you?

Oops...sorry to say "we must agree to disagree" before I leave this thread ... don't wanna be a "party pooper" you were.

In the following post you wrote
Originally Posted by Shivana Devi
As you wish..

To all and sundry..

I am putting Big John on my ignore list because he hijacked and derailed a thread in the Buddhist Forum and is now hypocritically accusing me of doing likewise in HIS thread.

However, you have answered my question...the best way to deal with people who annoy you is to totally ignore them and just focus on those who do not.

So, I will not be gatecrashing your parties in future...I should have learned my lesson to give threads which use all capital letters in their titles a big miss....that rings "alarm bells" for me.

In post #45 I replied
Originally Posted by BigJohn
If you reread what you post, it is you that has issues with others.

If you want to insult most of us, it is your choice, but do not do it in this thread.

In post #46 I also stated
Originally Posted by BigJohn

Put me on your ignore list along with all the other people you have issues with.

If you claim I hijacked a thread in the Buddhist section, then
why do you not tell people not to reply to your post?


In conclusion, Shivana Devi, please stop responding to my postings.

      Happiness is the result of an enlightened mind
     whereas suffering is caused by a distorted mind.

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