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Originally Posted by StaceyA
Hi Mario!

I am no expert; but, I have learned from my own experiences as a medium. Spirits do, in fact, try to communicate with their loved ones. However, the frequencies of energy in which they are communicating are not always heard, seen, or felt by everyone.

Stacey :)
Stacey I tend to go with you they do try to communicate I also had several experience 's of this may have been a lot more when I was younger but as you know spirit has no body it can only pass on what it knows from its past life and what it knows going to happen after my experience's as a child I often wondered what all those orbs flying around the bedroom were at the time I was petiffied and hide unda the sheets and as you know why see things as children is because of our pure's so nice to hear about other people experience 's
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