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Hello again silver swan

I was interested that you said the spiritual healing you give involves energy that comes through you rather than from you. In that case I had misunderstood how spiritual healing works, and you have my apologies. Reiki and spiritual healing must be even closer than I had imagined!

As regards how long it takes to train in Reiki, in theory you could receive the attunements for the different degrees one after another and be a Master within a matter of days, however I don't think anyone would advise this. Once you've been attuned to any one particular level it's a good idea to become comfortable with your new energies and give treatments to yourself or others to bed yourself in, as it were. Most people leave a few months between Reiki I and II. I have to confess, it was over a year ago I did Reiki I, but a number of things have happenend in my life recently that have taken precidence over further training. I fully intend to do Reiki II at some point, though

Having not been there yet, I'm on unfamiliar ground talking about higher levels of Reiki. Perhaps as a teacher, Medicineman4 could take over and patch up my shaky knowledge, as I wouldn't want to misinform anyone!!!

Love and Light