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Quality Of Channeling Varies Considerably

Suzanne Ward on channeling:

“A great deal of untrue or misleading information, often fear-filled, is falsely attributed to light sources. Entities claiming to represent a group or civilization widely known to be of the light transmit untrue information to receivers who cannot discern that these sources are dark. Untrue information also is given to unsuspecting receivers by spokespersons for darkly-intentioned groups that present themselves as beings of light; and still other dark entities claim to be one or another well known, spiritually evolved soul, and they also pass on self-serving falsehoods. Some individuals on the planet disseminate their own writings or publicly “channel” their own ideas, and they attribute this information to respected light beings.

There are still other considerations. Telepathic communication has a filter inherent in the system itself. The energetic pulsing that is the source's “voice” connects with the most appropriate words in the receiver's vocabulary, and there can be enough of a gap so that the words “nudged out” may garble names and not fully accurately express the source’s meanings. Another filter is in the receiver, whose knowledge, beliefs or preconceived ideas can bleed into the transmission and distort the source’s information.”

“Because so many people rely on the Internet for information, it has become a prime misinformation outlet, including postings by individuals employed by dark minds to compose “channeled” messages and ascribe false and frightening information to sources well known as highly evolved souls.”

There are many excellent messages that offer valuable wayshower information & guidance. It is not difficult to tell the difference between those that do & the false & inept ones, but it is incumbent on us to use our source/god/prime creator-given discernment.
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