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Originally Posted by SkyGodWarrior

Sounds like some romance to mee?!
I have had experience with an angel touching me in order to alert me of something... I was visiting my parents and my cat was old and I heard that he had a couple seizures all ready. I was there sitting in the living room watching tv with my ninja "the Cat" on the couch... I felt a light touch on my forearm that I knew it meant for me to pay attention to something.... like 10secs later my cat started to have a seizure and he basically just toook off running.... long story short I was able to help him from hurting himself badly. So angel communication in this regard is possible.. just depending on your angels as well as your relationship with them.
Interesting. Now in your case the sensation of touch had direct consequence and seems much more in line with how angels and guides might provide help. Whereas in my case, it didn't make any difference. Even it was prophetic it has no meaning until after the fact, so it's difficult to derive any useful help from it. The sensation that I felt was like static electricity, with your touch did feel like a human touch?
As far as it comes to people I feel that people you connect with automatically have a etheric linking to you. In my experience I would have conversations with the people I knew depending on the subject and their motives and its real hard to lie on the astral plane if your not experienced... lol I just wouldn't tell the person about the experience if they dont remember because they may find it odd and be kinda scared about it but maybe eventually they will come around.... lol "cough cough..... experienced..
I wouldn't mention it unless maybe she and I were together for awhile and the conversation went into prophetic signs. I was drawn to her the first few times I seen her. I then spent a month searching for her. When I finally found and we started communicating for her avatar she had two cartoon figures about to kiss. One looked like her and the other one strangely enough looked like me. I going to point that out to her. Maybe the kissing sensation was some kind of follow up to that.
Anyways I know the people you are really close to communicate telepathically different emotions, feelings and etc... so the air kiss you could of felt may have very well been the lady of whom you speak..... Also all this basically go back to us being humans lol... you can be psychic and spiritual, clairvoyant and etc all you want but it still wont be enough to help you completely 100% of the time once love enters the picture.
That make sense. The sensation occurred probably 10 minutes after she and I had first hung out together. She was initially with a couple of friends but they filed away after some time. She and I were talking for awhile and then her friends came back at the end so I'm sure they were talking about what she thought about me when it the sensation occurred.
I know from my observations that people thinking that other people may be "too good for them" or that they dont "deserve them" or maybe you two are having internal conflict about the connection.... and you guys are both beating yourselves up over emotions you guys want to feel..... People are people and to understand one another you have to communicate... Let it out... let your heart sing... be vulnerable... you dont have to know the words that you are going to say.. just be honest and try to understand her and your needs and feelings when talking... no one is perfect.... it kinda sounds like she may have some trauma from past relationships or something... in which case.. you have to be the foundation for the house.. the keystone in the archway... the pillars holding the ceiling... haha you get the idea...
Great advice. She's beautiful but I'd compliment her and she would fall back to how other people may have treated her. I think if I had more time with her I could help with her confidence.
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