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Prophetic touch sensation?

I had an earlier post about how I had what seemed to be a good vibe with a woman only to have her suddenly push me away. I think I had a bit of revelation to what the root problem. I just don't understand how I missed it or why I even said it. Anyhow since that time I've had several signs about her. I was thinking of the first time when she and I met up. Afterwards, I was driving back, I stopped at long red light and had the strangest sensation of what I can only describe as a passionate kiss.

She asked to take things slowly, so there was only one occasion where I considered kissing her and that was the end of the first date. Do angels and guides even use prophetic touch sensation to help show the way or is that unheard of? If they do I wonder if that sensation at the light was for the end of the date kiss or perhaps for some future occasion?
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