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The power or force of maya that veils and creates limited experience is not something external or involuntary act of mistake. From the five acts or powers of Shiva, we know that the forth act of obscuring grace (Tirodhana) is a voluntary act done to create the worldly experience. It is the Leela or the play of the divine. Whenever the purusha or the individual jiva or the sentient being has had enough of the divine play and wants to return back (to their original nature), the act of obscuring grace is reversed by the act of anugraha/shaktipat (divine grace) letting the jiva trace the way back the tattvas to realize they are essentially Shiva, not just a separate and limited entity.

4. Obscuring grace (tirodhana) - The most intriguing of all the acts that hides the truth from souls, thereby permitting the worldly

"is represented by His right foot upon the prostrate person, apasmarapurusha, who symbolizes the principle of ignorance, or anava."

(I read in another book, that it is Shiva's right left hand that is going across the chest thereby covering his heart, which results in the tiodhana or ignorance)

Here is the link to the topic about the five acts of Shiva in detail.

There are two more spheres. The Prakriti Anda, the sphere that contains the shakti of the individual jiva. This sphere falls entirely under the impure tattvas since it is made up of the local mind and it's limitations. We will explore this layer and the 4 components of the mind in more detail in the next post. Finally there is the Prithvi sphere which is the physical layer or the solid substance of the manifested world.
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