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1. Shakti Sphere (Anda)

The 4 tattvas or principles that we reviewed earlier starting from the Shakti tattva to the Suddha vidya tattva (2 through 5) are part of the Shakti Anda or the Shakti Sphere. This is the first sphere to form from Paramashiva after the emergence of Shiva and Shakti. These 4 tattvas and this entire sphere is under the 'pure' (shudda) tattvas layer. That is because the prapancha or the entire created cosmos at this point of reference is still not under the influence of maya or the veiling force of Paramashiva

In this initial stage, the divine nature of Shiva is still not obscured. Pure Ananda shakti or bliss further descends into the 3 iccha, jnana and kriya shaktis described

Tattvas in Shakti Anda:

Shakti tattva
Sadashiva tattva
Ishwara tattva
Shudda vidya tattva

There is no duality at this stage, it is a state of diversity in unity. There is no individuality or separation also since we are above the maya, purusha and prakriti layers.
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