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Originally Posted by Debrah
Humans might be able to eat anything (keeps us from starvation) but that doesn't mean it's all good for us. I belong to a FB group and people regularly write their little testimonials when they join. I've read that dropping meat and dairy has cured their heart disease, fatty liver disease, lady even shared the story how her husband did not have to start forking over $60,000 a year on MS meds. Because he quit eating meat and dairy and all signs of MS disappeared.

Keeping the above in mind plus the overwhelming support of the research that is available for all of us to read, I think that calling meat and dairy part of a healthy diet is completely flawed. It keeps us from starvation and that's about it.

Go back and reread what I said.....I said exactly that....that while we are made to eat just about anything edible that clearly eating junk is not the healthy way to go.

I'll dismiss the rest as you interjecting vegan propaganda into a conversation about junk food and spirituality.
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