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Its been my experience, that one's personal relationship with the universe comes into play with every entity encountered. Some people are far less equipped than others to come across a so-called "malevolent" force, but I, myself, seem to have been able to circumvent most "nasty" situations by understanding - or considering - what my place is, within the universe at large, or within the multiple aspects of reality, whether these be referenced as "subtle" or "concrete" - and in turn applying this to any personal encounter I have had.

When I tie into the equation that most things in reality are beautiful, and the other stuff, that appears as "ugly", "angry", "hateful", "terrifying", etc., actually appear in this manner because of the level of reality they attempt to work from - or, in other words; the level from which they obtain their "raw" ingredients to make their presence known - I see myself as a "higher" life form, in that this universe has been held together since the beginning of time, with the love-wisdom of an Absolute Intelligence being projected forth. While it is true that every entity has a free will to behave as they choose within this field, sadly, there are many that choose to be less than honorable in the tradition of love-wisdom.

In this light, I would explain that any malevolent encounter, though it has a potential to become a war of wills, also has the potential to disintegrate altogether, when I refuse to become victimized in its undesirable presence. You cannot be a victim to any form of evil or ugliness when you understand that death is only a transitional stage, and that torment is only a conditional state of mind. Granted, any bad encounter might result in the suspension of physical life, but when you realize that physicalness is temporary in the first place, and that there is a higher order to the universe, of which we all play an inescapable part, then we no longer have to walk in fear of our adversities.

With that being said, I would rather dwell on my positive experiences and reflect upon the many other creatures I have come across and found to be far more interesting, whom dwell in our astral vibrational field - those specific to my area of the planet. I understand that the levels of reality rest, superimposed upon each other, and many encounters can, and have occurred, whether they become physical manifestations, or - more often the case - simple "mind creatures," just letting me know of their presence.

In recent experiences, I have seen a group of tiny people - no taller than my knees - whom the child entities in my vibration have given the name, "Smaritens". They are an acrobatic lot. I have seen them perform aerial acrobats where they seem to "melt" down vertical surfaces, such as walls and cabinets, and perform in a team as a single unit of moving and mesmerizing parts. I have spoken with the spirit of the Blue River behind my home, and discovered that she prefers to be called: "Argotuk". She runs through the "overlaying" astral vibrations of my rural neighborhood, which itself has an adapted name being: "Fantaris Secray". While stopping to rest at another rural place, during a road trip last year, and relaxing beside a hillside pond that was surrounded by mature oak trees, my attention lifted to the tree branches, and I saw some "curled up" lemur-like creatures in the company of some kind of unidentifiable small birds. My entity companions gave the furry things the name: "tree dogs", and both the tree dogs and the birds seemed to take great pleasure in what appeared to be a grooming process between the two creatures.
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