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Shivitar.....I don't want to make this thread about climate change either.....but simply have to say somthing because your information about CO2 is patently false (and often repeated by nitwits in the news media)

CO2 is not a polutant and it is not even close to being at historic highs..

CO2 is a naturally occurring gas that plants use to support there metabolism. ......currently it is average about 400 parts per million on total atmospheric volume. ....that's low! It has been much higher than that over the the benefit of plant life and humans!

Basic plant metabolism stops and plants begin to die when CO2 drop below 200 parts per million. .....plant life actaully does best and grows the fastest when CO2 is well above 1500 to 2000 parts per million. ....this why commercial growers pump CO2 into greenhouses. increases plant growth as much as 100%

That's get completely used up by plants!

Are there real environmental issues around the world???

Of course! Pollution. ...actual Pollution. ...not CO2.....deforestation. ....erosion. ....silting of rivers and estuaries from mining and construction.....

That being said most countries around the world are making huge efforts to address all thlse things.

In the U.S ....we've cleaned up our industrial messes to a huge degree.....our air is cleaner now than in decades!

Forestry services plant literally millions of trees every is a fact that there are more acres of forest in north America now then there were 100 years ago!

All these things are in fact waaay better than they were inpprevious decades. ....and we're seeing that trend worldwide!

So as I said earlier. ....we do in fact live in a golden age and things just really are not that bad!
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