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Originally Posted by knightoflenity
Everything is about education & alternatives so a country like China needs to see something at face value, they are on record as considering solutions which is a good start.

Global warming is not man made so I hope that's not your starting point?

Just take this from the LA Times:

China will set a deadline for carmakers to stop selling cars that run exclusively on gasoline or diesel fuel. The news was announced over the weekend by Xin Guobin, the country’s industry and information technology vice minister.

No date was given, but earlier this year Britain and France each vowed to implement such a ban by 2040. Several other European countries and India have announced their own versions, pressured in part to reduce greenhouse gases under the international Paris accord on climate.


Global warming is made worse by humans.

The oceans are acidifying, CO2 levels are higher than ever before (and that includes the times when there was MUCH more vegetation than currently is on the earth. which by the way, is rapidly diminishing thanks to agriculture), and there are several mass extinctions going on because of climate change. On top of the natural catastrophes thought to be caused by climate change.

There are estimates that within a few generations we will have 50% the biodiversity that we currently have... THAT MEANS HALF THE SPECIES ON THE EARTH WILL BE DEAD AND EXTINCT.

Please, please tell me how you think that is a natural thing and humans don't have a part in that.

I'm not gonna have a discussion on the topic of global warming here. It's happening. y'all can stick your head in the sand if you want but count me out.


considering alternatives? A good start?

no. Full blown world-wide panic would be a good start. Maybe then we could save some meager imitation of the world as it is now. The longer we delay making REAL change, the less of a world there will be to save.

Currently we are looking at the world being uninhabitable within 100 years. And most species being extinct by then as well.

Right now there are no technologies capable of reversing climate change done by humans. Only slowing it.

Our strategy right now is basically to spend ourselves to death, and hope to God that someone can somehow invent something that will save us before times up.

Does that sound like a great idea to you? Keep our foot on the gas pedal as we head to oblivion, hoping and praying that somehow it will all be OK?
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