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Originally Posted by Lucky 1
Oh man! Again with the climate change thing? ??? All you doom and gloom people!!!

Seriously. ....things are just not that bad!!!

Sure...there's a few bad apples around the world.....North Korea and the leftist junta currently running Venezuela come to mind......

But by and large the OP is absolutely right. ...human beings are currently living in a golden age. ......with some of the ills that a golden age brings...but things are not bad at all!

It's not doom and gloom to be aware of how things are. It's foolish to be so blindly optimistic when there is no reward besides good feelings inside. The planet will die but you'll be happy, is that really worth it?

Also it's not about a few bad apples here and there, it's the general trends.

By industrializing, small and newly founded countries can amass a lot of money really quickly. They use old machinery that is typically very bad for the environment.

There will always be new countries rising. There will always be the use of outdated technology to make money at the expense of the planet.

Also, look at China, they are the #2 country in the world and look at how much pollution they cause. basically every country in the world creates massive pollution, except for america, but that's only because America did it's polluting 100 years ago and has since moved to less polluting forms of energy creation.

I find it hard to believe that can convince the rest of the world to maintain their standards of living while we fix the atmosphere. Most likely every country, or the majority of them, will remain stuck in their rat race and continue polluting the world at large for their own benefits.

The paris agreement has made an attempt to limit the amount of greenhouse gases a country can emit, however it's already too late and there can't be enough enforcement of that to make a difference. it's like most politics, a show to appease the people.

Tell me how we are gonna solve world poverty in 100 years buddy, because its poverty as a whole and capitalism as a system that is degrading the planet. its everybody, the "good" and the bad, that are breaking the planet down.

The rich keep pushing the system forward which does it's own form of damage. The poor keep trying to catch up with the rich and doing their own form of damage.

everybody is at fault here. How we gonna change everybody and everything?

mars. mars is probably our only hope as a species.
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