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Originally Posted by taurusnsane
Clover, I hate these kind of posts here. Why bother to come here and talk this. One is so sad and crimpy that needs to post something like this.

As everything is energy, they have bad energy and they take people down.

For me personally, very low people vibrationally. Being hurt is bad yes but to bash because theirs was fault "label", then sorry.

I dont come here that often because of these posts and energies they send out

Well, in all fairness, the forum is open to all members. They signed to the same terms of agreement you did, therefore, as long as no one is breaking the rules ( which of course I greatly enforce) subjects are open for everyone. This forum doesnt exclude members from posting in this section any more or less than our Buddists and Isalmic threads. At any time you do have the choice not to comment on a thread. One can also use the ignore fuction to ignore members and their posts.

I do get what your saying, Taurus, the OP has made more than a number of threads on the same topic ( which I suggested for him to just let it go).

Also take an account, for every one disagreeing thread, there are over hundreds of threads agreeing with the TF theory. Maybe it is wise not to feed into the same person. Also, I close down and remove the married and celebrity topics the most, yall have a hard time agreeing with each other! I just dont think its healthy for a forum to warn, remove and ban every member because one does not agree with a viewpoint.

I am just saying, a healthy open disucssion wihtout name bashing can sometimes be helpful, maybe one can learn something who is stuck in a rutt.

I do stongly encourage to use the 'report' icon . If there is someone provoking or stirring trouble, its always good to have a formal report, and the more notices the better. We volunteer our time here, so we cant go through all the threads but we try
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