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Originally Posted by Lynn

Its often called a Torso Energy Surge.

Torso Energy Surge:

The Torso Energy Surge is a surge of energy located in the torso area of the body. This surge can flow down into the legs but mostly its centered in at lower back area ( Pelvis area ) and the abdomen.

It can feel like a sensation of dropping suddenly. Like when one steps unexpectedly in a dip along a path.

This sensation most often happens when one is laying on one’s back and when one is in a state of almost drifting off to sleep. One is trying simply NOT to enter that sleep state.

What causes this surge ? It is thought that its an emotionally triggered that arises from the Heart Charka Centre. That is the centre where one leaves the body, so it is thought that the energy levels might well double in intensity as one readies to leave the physical body. This often gives one the need to grab onto something, often it be the sides of one’s bed.


Never read about it before. Is there a way to control it and induce a safe OBE?
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