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Originally Posted by Nerina
I've never had a self induced OBE before but this is what happened to me last night-

I woke up from terrible nightmares at about 2 am, just after I woke up trying to go back to sleep and half way into the sleep I feel these vibrations all over my body. These vibrations were getting stronger by the minute with a low 'vvvvvvv' hum, simultaneously I felt my body temp rising in an accelerated manner. I remember being able to see from my bed the room even with my eyes closed..I saw my husband next to me soundly sleeping, the light from the nightlight and the darkness as If had opened my physical eyes. The funny thing is I felt a presence in the room - I saw a silhouette or more like a shadow moving around on the ceiling and heard footsteps of something or someone walking in the room. I remember being petrified and was calming myself down repeating "this can't harm you" "this will pass" And right after the vibrations got stronger for me to handle and I could feel my right arm (not my physical arm) floating upwards as if it had no weight at all. I told myself that I was not ready for this experience and tried to wake up and surprisingly enough I did wake up almost immediately. In my awakened state I could still feel little of those vibrations but in a way that they were getting weaker and weaker till they stopped.

Was I going to experience an OBE? If yes, then why the shadow hallucination? And can someone explain those vibrations?

What you have experienced is paranormal activity!

If it repeats, continue to comfort yourself & slowly the feelings of fear will fade away.
In time you will learn not to fear at all!
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