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Originally Posted by Busby
As I have said somewhere before it really is necessary to separate co-incidence, brain tricks, specific memories, delusion and imagination from reality.
As I have said before a synchronicity is so mind-blowing that you will never forget it. Very few people experience one in their lives - you can't buy them in sweet shops.

Jung's scarab experience opened his mind - just read his book 'Memories, Dreams and Reflections', much will become clear.

I had a similar experience with a bee. I saw a bee at the same time I thought about a bee. Bees have a special meaning to me. This can be explained as follows:

Insects are capable of telepathy. It is possible that I attracted that bee telepathically at the same time as I had a thought about a bee (which has a special meaning to me).

Note: I have found info about Jung’s scarab experience at the following URL:

Jung did not consider subconscious telepathy in his research on synchronicity. This is normal because research on subconscious telepathy is not a scientist’s task. It is more a soldier’s, or spiritualist’s, task.


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